Input data

The data situation concerning the formative physical processes such as large-scale sediment transport is heterogeneous, patchy and not harmonized across borders.  In the EasyGSH-DB  project, area-wide data on geomorphology and hydromorphology were obtained for the first time from long-term numerical simulations in the German Bight. These are freely available via GeoPortals such as MDI-DE, mCLOUD and GOVDATA, and are already used in the context of the EU reporting requirements for WFD and MSFD. Since it is mass data that is available here and used for different issues, it is necessary to support their evaluation for recurring tasks and special uses in a suitable way. For this purpose, a flexible processing infrastructure is missing, with which current tasks from traffic infrastructure planning and maintenance to environmental assessment can be processed with assistance.

Previous work from EasyGSH-DB and the established Marine Data Infrastructure-Germany (MDI-DE) can be used and further developed to implement a powerful geodata and analysis infrastructure on a homogenized database of the trilateral Wadden Sea.