Use cases

The following scenarios represent applications of TrilaWatt Data products in different contexts.
All analyses derived from numerical modeling of the entire Trilateral Wadden Sea are available free of charge.
The corresponding data products are delivered with standardized metadata and can be downloaded via the Data viewer.

1. Tidal characteristic values – West Frisia

2. Marine Renewable Energy

1. Tidal characteristic values – West Frisia

Tidal parameters (e.g. tidal range) are needed for marine spatial planning, coastal and offshore construction projects, ecological tasks, etc.

TrilaWatt can support these tasks with numerical simulation results from the entire trilateral Wadden Sea area.

Example results, as shown below, are:

  • Tidal range
  • Peak sea surface elevation
  • Mean, peak, and residual flood and ebb current velocity, and bed shear stress

The tidal characteristics will be calculated for the years 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2020 and will be available for download in the common grid formats.

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2. Marine Renewable Energy

Accelerating maritime spatial planning is imperative to ensure energy stability and rapid decarbonization.

Marine spatial planning requires high-resolution, up-to-date data from in situ observations or numerical models as access to ports, transportation routes, energy storage options, and their interactions with the marine environment must be assessed.

  • Annual, high-resolution bathymetry data and surface sediment distribution until the year 2020 for a first assessment of a potential site.
  • On-the-fly morphological analyses such as bathymetry differences to estimate morphological activity.
  • Analyses of flow velocity above or below a threshold e.g., for tidal energy plants.
  • Assessing tidal properties such as tidal range near a construction site.
  • Extensive wave parameters to plan facility or constructional anchorage.
  • Auxiliary information like distance between the mainland / islands.

The ultimate goal of TrilaWatt is an interactive user interface for comprehensive data on hydrodynamics, bathymetry and surface sediments in the entire trilateral Wadden Sea. The envisioned interactive web viewer will facilitate the planning processes illustrated below (with compliments to O’Hagan, 2020,

An Example of a decision support process for marine spatial planning. TrilaWatt can assist with data evaluation and provide essential data for ecosystem characterization to ensure such management application (figure adapted from O’Hagan, 2020).