TrilaWatt Newsletter January 2023

We welcome you to the next TrilaWatt workshop on February 16th (10:00 to 12:00 CET). The workshop will be held online with WebEx. Please register using this link.

The TrilaWatt stakeholder workshop

The first year of TrilaWatt was characterized by collecting and processing data which has been generously transferred to us. We now wish to present our efforts to you. The first half of our workshop will focus on briefly presenting the project’s objective and our recent progress. We will show how the data of our partners have improved our products and where we see fit for further cooperation. We will also provide a live demonstration of the future web environment. The second half will involve you. The workshop will feature an active mentimeter participation to allow you to share needs and ideas for TrilaWatt data. The meeting structures as follows (draft):

  1. Introduction and opening remarks
  2. Project status and live demonstration
  3. User experiences
  4. Short break
  5. Active participation
  6. Concluding remarks

You will receive a conference invite if you have registered a few days before the meeting. The registration link can be found above.

TrilaWatt Newsletter December 2022

We have been working steadily on the joint TrilaWatt research initiative in the past year and wish to present a quick update on our work for our participative stakeholders and the interested scientific community on an upcoming online workshop, first results, and our next steps.

The next TrilaWatt stakeholder workshop

The TrilaWatt objective is the synthesis of scattered data in the Trilateral Wadden Sea area to reliable, high-resolution bathymetry, surface sediment, and tidal dynamic data products for research, consulting, and governmental policy decision in the period of 2000 to 2020. Final data products will be available following the FAIR model (free, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable). We wish to invite you for an opportunity to present our current research status and for you to get involved in future data products. The workshop will be held online with WebEx on:

February 16th 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00

Please register under this link to receive your conference invite. We would be happy to receive (optional) feedback or ideas on data products and the web environment with your registration.

First results: Bathymetry and surface sediment data

We started our work by collecting extensive bathymetry and surface sediment information from our trilateral partners in the first year of our research project. These data were used to test our interactive web environment where we plan to develop novel features such as on-the-fly differences or data cropping.

The development of high-resolution bathymetry and surface sediment data (<10m) requires extensive input data and information about tidal dynamics at the study site. To date, we have collected more than 144,000 bathymetry data sets with 370 billion data points and 45,000 surface sediment samples. An exemplary 1 m bathymetry grid of the Dutch-German Ems estuary is shown below. Similar data are planned for the entire Wadden Sea area.

Our next steps

Within the next few months, we aim to collect and organize more data to refine our bathymetric and surface sediment data product collection. The web-viewing environment will be adjusted to handle these high-resolution data and data operations simultaneously. We also develop and calibrate a hydrodynamic numerical model of the North Sea to estimate tidal dynamics, temperature, salinity, and suspended sediment concentration in the study period. The final data products will be just as good as the input data available to us which is why we wish to invite you, the trilateral Wadden Sea stakeholders, to participate in our research effort.

Contact information

We would be happy to stay in contact and to develop and refine data over the course of the next few years in a partnership-like philosophy.

Be sure to visit or homepage https://trilawatt.eu or contact us via E-Mail trilawatt@baw.de.